Samsung Galaxy Nexus Available From Telstra [Australia]

For all you Aussies out there, today’s your lucky day! Telstra (the biggest Australian telco) have just put live a new product page for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and are accepting orders online.

Telstra - Galaxy Nexus Australia

Plans range from $59 per month to $129 per month, on a two year contract. Telstra claim if you buy the phone before December 16th, you’ll get guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Telstra

Clove Shipping the Galaxy Nexus Tomorrow

Rejoice all you Galaxy Nexus fans! Clove has just published a blog post announcing they’re expecting the Galaxy Nexus stock to start arriving any minute now.

We are delighted to say that Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock will be arriving late this afternoon, slightly ahead of schedule.

The stock will arrive late today, so we will begin shipping orders tomorrow. We will receive enough stock to cover all outstanding orders and will have a limited amount of stock available to cover new orders.

Clove have a good reputation for shipping on time, so there’s no reason to doubt this claim. If you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you should buy it from Clove today. It’s available for just £429.00 (approximately $670 USD) unlocked and SIM-free, and ships worldwide from the UK. Continue reading “Clove Shipping the Galaxy Nexus Tomorrow” »